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Bad posture is a problem. Vertaback is the solution.

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Whether in the office, the gym or on the road.

Boost Productivity

Proper posture has been proven to improve productivity in office environments. Focusing more on your work instead of your body's subconscious effort to keep your muscles tense. Vertaback significantly improves your ability to sit straight.


Become Stronger

When in the gym, lifting weights, doing push-ups or even stretching, minimize the risk of muscle pulls and maximize physical strength. Vertaback ensures your center of mass is where is should be, resulting in more reps and heavier pulls.


Get Energized

Suprise yourself with an energy boost that lasts longer than ever before. With Vertaback, you delegate the work of your muscles evenly throughout your body. This reduces strain and fatigue, which keeps you at it all day long.


Support Yourself

Find some comfort in discomfort. Vertaback is there when you need proper support the most. A broken arm can mean damage to the entire body's posture. Vertaback makes sure that you don't do further damage to your ligaments.


Feeling the pressure?

Tilting your head 45° puts ≈ 60lbs of weight on your spine, compared to ≈ 12lbs at 0°.

Pound pressure on neck depending on angle head is tilted. Human evolution in posture, followed by recent times devolvement. Pregnant woman with lower-back pain. Gentleman trying to inappropriately lift weights. Gentleman slouching over as he is using his smartphone.

Who has your back?

You do. So does Vertaback. Both are there for you.

Look Confident

How does a strong and confident person look like? It is likely that you said "a person with their heads high and standing tall with a straight back". Looking a certain way also generally makes you act a certain way.


Be Capable

With the help of Vertaback, you can achieve proper posture. Research concludes that people with good posture appear to be more attractive, dominant and intellectual. They also look and feel more assertive, proactive and elegant.


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Dr. James P. Fiore
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James D.
Personal Trainer MA, NASM
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Kami S.
Legal Consultant
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Nick M.
Student, UCLA

The Vertaback is the latest advancement in postural stabilization. Using Vertaback will have a positive effect on the structure of your spine and will increase the quality of your life and your longevity.

As a veteran of the fitness industry for over 10 years I've never seen anything quite like Vertaback in terms of teaching and reinforcing proper posture, alignment and ultimately safe and effective technique, particularly for the most fundamental fullbody lifts like squats and deadlifts, the device simply has no equal.

I have been using Vertaback since Tuesday of this week and it is amazing. It has helped me to get rid of numbness in my middle back that has been with me for years and has also helped me relieve the pain in my lower back. I recommend this product to everyone who has a back problem. This product does not create pressure on your back on the contrary it raises your awareness of how your back should in order to be straight. Excellent product.

I am 20 years old and suffer from scoliosis that causes back pain and neck pain. Vertaback has been an amazing source of relief as it provides a longterm spinal alignment.

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