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Straight back, move forward.!

Bad posture is a big problem and 'Vertaback' is an easy solution for maintaining the proper form.

Smartphones and tablets causing a real pain in the neck known as 'Text Neck'

Text neck. It's a thing.

As education, business, news, entertainment, and social interactions become more computer and smartphone-driven, the dependence on our devices grows. The result? Social isolation, weakened muscles, and of course, neck pain.

By maintaining a proper posture you may be able to relieve dozens of pounds of pressure from your neck.


Give Your Back an Upgrade.

Wear Vertaback TM or better form, improved performance, and perfect posture, simply and effectively.

Bad posture may cause severe health problems such as Arhtritis, cognitive problems and even depression!

Are you happy with your posture?
Who has your back? You do!


The body is an incredible machine capable of achieving extraordinary feats. But in our technological, office-driven age, we tend to focus more on our work and less on the state of our own bodies.

Take a look at yourself right now. Are you sitting up straight? Or hunched over your screen? 


Meet your new personal trainer. Slick

Vertaback TM is the premiere tool for achieving ideal spinal alignment. Whether in the office, the gym, or on the trail, Vertaback TM is designed to bring awareness back to your body, keeping you accountable for your posture gently and effectively.

Why VertabackTM ?

The spine is formed with specific curvatures for various purposes. By observing these fundamental proportions, a device was developed to re-train the body safely and gradually to its intended form.

Via 3-point contact, muscle engagement, and consistency in use, better posture is just one symptom of wearing the VertabackTM

Better alignment. Every time.

Contacting the spine at 3 key points, the sacrum, the thoracic spine, and the atlas vertebra, VertabackTM helps you achieve higher accuracy in proprioceptive awareness, balance, and posture training.

'Text neck' epidemic

Prolonged use of tech devices may degenerates posture, obstructs neuropathways, impedes natural body movement.

Studies show that as many as 80% of us will have backpain in our lives and bad posture may affect your respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.

Reference: Denver channel interview with Sarah Atchison

Click below for government studies:

See what people are saying:

The Vertaback is the latest advancement in postural stabilization. Using Vertaback will have a positive effect on the structure of your spine and will increase the quality of your life and your longevity.
Dr. James P. Fiore DC
I am 20 years old and suffer from scoliosis that causes back pain and neck pain. Vertaback has been an amazing source of relief as it provides a long­term spinal alignment.
Nick M.
Student, UCLA
I have been using Vertaback since Tuesday of this week and it is amazing. It has helped me to get rid of numbness in my middle back that has been with me for years and has also helped me relieve the pain in my lower back. I recommend this product to everyone who has a back problem. This product does not create pressure on your back on the contrary it raises your awareness of how your back should in order to be straight. Excellent product.
Kami S.
Legal Consultant
As a veteran of the fitness industry for over 10 years I've never seen anything quite like Vertaback in terms of teaching and reinforcing proper posture, alignment and ultimately safe and effective technique, particularly for the most fundamental full­body lifts like squats and deadlifts, the device simply has no equal.
James D.
Personal Trainer MA, NASM

Chiropractors recommended

Leading chiropractors swear by it!

Ready in seconds

Put on the device, adjust the back support and that's it!

No electricity required

100% tech free! No complicated apps or clunky sensors

Top quality material

Sturdy, stylish and always comfortable